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Process Essay là một dạng văn miêu tả về quy trình thực hiện một việc hay tạo nên một việc gì đó. Cùng tìm hiểu chi tiết về dạng văn này qua bài viết dưới đây cùng Luận văn Việt. 

Process essay
Process essay

Để có thể viết tốt, bạn có thể tham khảo thêm một số Process Essay Sample, từ đó học hỏi lối viết, cách trình bày. Dưới đây là một số bài mẫu bạn có thể tham khảo:

1. Bài mẫu Process Essay Sample 1

Topic: How to Live a happy life

People are always searching for things that make them happy. For example, many people work very hard to improve their employment because they want to find a better job to make themselves happy. Other people search for happiness by purchasing things they want. It is not bad to search for happiness, but many people do not understand that lasting happiness does not depend on having certain things. It doesn’t depend on the circumstances of a person’s life. It depends more on how life is lived and people are loved. There are things that people can do to live a happy life regardless of their situation. In order to live a happy life, people should build relationships, be grateful, and help others.

The first thing that people should do to live a happy life is build relationships with other people. Building relationships can include both making new friends and strengthening relationships that already exist with friends and family members. These relationships lead to greater happiness because people who have strong connections with other people are less lonely, especially in difficult times. They have people who they can talk to and people who can offer comfort to them. Another reason that strong connections can increase happiness is that they create a network of people who can offer advice. Knowing that there are friends who can offer this advice to help solve a problem can help people feel happier. Strong relationships also lead to greater feelings of belonging and security, which in turn, lead to greater happiness. Building these relationships is an essential step to living a happy life.

In addition to nurturing relationships, people who want to be happy should be grateful. People who are grateful open their eyes to see all of the good things in their lives, and they express gratitude to people who help them. Many people have noticed that by opening their eyes to see the good things they have and choosing to have gratitude, their perspective changes. They spend more time focusing on positive thoughts instead of focusing on things that are negative or difficult. Thoughts create perspective, so intentionally creating positive thoughts will lead to a more positive perspective. Regardless of struggles they have, they choose to focus on the gifts they can see. Gratitude can change people’s perspective and help them be happier, regardless of their situation.

Finally, serving others can make people happier. Serving others can include doing simple things like listening to a friend who is having a hard time or preparing a meal to share with someone who is sick. These simple acts not only improve another person’s life, but they also bring happiness to the person who is serving. This happiness is a natural result of lifting another person’s burden. Helping others also helps in the other areas of building happiness: it strengthens relationships with others and it helps people feel more gratitude. When people serve others, they can become good friends by showing how much they care and want to help. People feel more gratitude because when they see the problems other people face, they find ways that their life is blessed. Serving others is an essential key to living a happier life.

If people want to have a happier life, they should serve others, be grateful, and strengthen their relationships with other people. Each of these things focuses on people and perspective rather than money and material possessions. People bring joy to other people in a way that possessions can never imitate. Perspective can make a lasting impact on a person’s life in a way that a promotion simply can’t. Regardless of the circumstances of an individual’s life, that individual can choose to focus on happiness in a real, genuine way if he wants to. Finding lasting happiness is really a simple search. That search begins as soon as people start looking beyond temporary things that only bring temporary happiness.

2. Bài mẫu Process Essay Sample 2

Topic: A Successful Job Interview

Job interviews can be very scary experiences, even for people who have gone through the process many times. To pass the interview, candidates must present themselves well and show that in addition to being the most qualified for a certain position, they are also able to explain why. The interviewers sit across a large desk and take notes on every answer that is given. Performance in the job interview frequently determines if a candidate will get the job. Because the job interview is so important, it must be carefully prepared for, especially in very competitive fields. There are a few basic steps that anyone can take to be prepared for a job interview.

The first step is to research the company carefully. Before job candidates ever go into a job interview, they should look up any information they can find about the company online. One reason for this is a very practical one: it can help the job candidates make sure that they want to work for a particular company or that they have the necessary skills for the job they are applying for. If the company feels like the right fit, doing research about the company will also give job candidates an advantage in the interview. It is easy for the interviewer to know if a job candidate is informed about the company during the job interview because the interviewer will typically be someone who has experience in the company. Researching the company will also help job candidates prepare a few questions of their own. Questions to research could include what the company sells, who the leaders are, where they do business, if they have been in the news (and why), or how the company stocks are doing. The initial step of doing some research about the company is crucial to being ready for an interview.

After job candidates have done some research online and decided to move forward with the job application, the next thing they should do is prepare a resume. The resume first needs to fit the job description and show any experience that job candidates have that would make them a good candidate for the job. For example, if a job candidate is applying for a job as a receptionist, it is better to include work experience from an office job than work experience from a job in a restaurant. In addition to work experience, the resume should include any skills that job candidates have that would be useful in the job they are applying for. Sometimes these skills are listed specifically in the job description as required skills. Sometimes they are listed as preferred skills. In either case, listing relevant skills will help potential employers understand who is most qualified for a certain job. Finally, the resume should look very professional. The fonts should be easy to read and the spelling and grammar should not have mistakes. An accurate, carefully written resume will put any job candidate one step closer to being ready for a job interview.

Finally, job candidates should practice for the interview. Lists of interview questions are widely available online, and by practicing before going into an interview, candidates can feel more confident in the interview. While interview questions cannot be perfectly anticipated, many common mistakes can be avoided by having time to think about the anwer before candidates are put on the spot. For example, some interviewers may ask a job candidate to describe one of his weaknesses. That topic can be especially difficult to talk about if a job candidate has never thought about it before because it will typically be associated with negative feelings. Even if candidates don’t practice the questions that are asked in the interview, having the experience of answering questions intelligently will increase their confidence and help them appear more relaxed in the interview. This final step will help job candidates be ready for an interview.

While they may seem simple, these steps will help job candidates be ready for their next job interview. Researching the company will give them the background knowledge they need, polishing their resume will give the company hiring committee the background information they need, and practicing for the interview will help candidates show their strengths. Job interviews will still cause some nervousness, but they don’t need to cause job candidates crippling fear. With the right preparation, even if it’s your first interview, you’ll be ready.

3. Bài mẫu Process Essay Sample 3

Topic: Cooking a Shrimp Pasta

In the current times, learning how to prepare home cooked scrumptious meals have become more fun, more healthy and saved a lot of money. Having an excellent process analysis on how to make scrumptious meals is vital because it will confirm that the dish is prepared in the right way, with the right components and an utterly delightful dinner that feed the body, mind, and spirit is prepared. This paper will focus on a systematic procedure analysis on the preparation of shrimp pasta for four servings.

Ingredients You will need A knife A massive pot A greater A large frying pan Salt and pepper A ¼ cup of Virgin Olive oil A colander or tongs Italian parsley Three garlic cloves One-pound of dry linguine One pound of large shrimp White wine One-pound box of penne or rotini pasta Parmesan cheese The sequence of preparation. 

First, you will take the large pot, fill it with water from the kitchen sink, and add a small handful of salt. You will then place the pot on the stove over high heat and leave it to boil. Secondly, you will coarsely chop a handful of parsley leaves, zest the lemon with a zester, and if you do not have a zester, use the fine side of a grater to zest the fruit in the same bowl with the parsley. You will then proceed, by carefully peeling, and finely chop the garlic in a separate bowl. 

Thirdly, check if the water left on the stove has started to boil in the pot, and by now, it should undoubtedly be boiling. Proceed by opening the box containing the pasta, pour the pasta into the boiling water, and cook according to the instruction provided on the package or by following the package directions. Precisely about four to five minutes before the pasta is ready or done. You will place a frying pan on top of the stove, over medium heat and proceed by adding enough virgin oil to coat the bottom of the pan. Now keep your eyes on the pasta to prevent overcooking. When cooked turn off the stove, cover the pot with a lid and carry on with checking the oil in the frying pan. You will calmly wait until the oil begins to shimmer, and you will continue by pouring the garlic on the shimmering oil on the frying pan and leave the garlic to cook just until it is fragrant. That should take approximately twenty to twenty-five seconds. In the meanwhile, you can clean the shrimp’s tails by removing the black stripe, and cut them into small pieces if you choose or leave them as there are. Once the garlic has cooked, continue by pouring the shrimp in the pan and season with a few pinches of pepper and salt (Shirai and Yasuyuki et al. 33). Leave it to prepare for a couple of minutes approximately fifteen to eighteen minutes and then shake the pan to flip the shrimp to ensure it gets evenly cooked and leave it for another fifteen to seventeen minutes. 

In an occasion where you prefer to include green onions, tomatoes, and tomato sauce this will be the best time to include them when preparing shrimp pasta. Soon the bodies and tails of the shrimp will turn from grayish to pink. When this is evident, you will add wine just enough to cover the bottom of the pan and then shake the pan once more to flip the shrimp and ensure the shrimp are adequately soaked with the wine and leave it for a minute or two. At this juncture, your mouth should be soaked with saliva by the tantalizing aroma from the well-prepared shrimp. After soaking the shrimp in wine for about two minutes, you will then reduce the heat on the stove to as minimal as possible in order to allow warming to take place. Then, open the pot containing the pasta and drain the pasta in a colander or pull the pasta out of the container with the tongs, and toss it into the pan containing the shrimp. Ensure that you leave a little water on the pasta that will be used in forming the sauce. Finally, you will add the lemon zest and parsley, and mix the contents thoroughly. Leave it for a few minutes approximately two to three minutes, and in the meanwhile, you finely grate the Parmesan with a grater on a clean bowl and leave it. You will then proceed to check on the shrimp pasta on the pan and remix the content to ensure it is thoroughly mixed. At times, the shrimp pasta may lack enough sauce at instances where enough water was not left on the pasta while it was tossed into the shrimp. If you experience such a situation, this is the best time to add a minimal amount of water from the pot that initially contained the pasta into the shrimp pasta just to make the sauce. Adding a lot of water may over dilute the saucing making it less attractive in addition to altering the taste hence making it less delicious. Consequently, you should be very cautious when adding the water to ensure that it is just enough and not excess. Then mix the contents once again and finally, transfer the shrimp pasta to a serving dish and evenly top it with the grated Parmesan. At this point, your shrimp pasta is ready to be eaten and should be served while still warm. 

Conclusion Surprising your family member or spouse r with a homemade delicious shrimp pasta meal can be one of the best treats that can be enjoyed and shared. By carefully following the step-by-step process analysis above, you can be guaranteed that you will cook a sweet, mouthwatering shrimp pasta meal that will make everyone keep asking for more. The ingredient used to make shrimp pasta are readily available in the market and are sold at a fair price. It is vital that all the processes are systematically followed to ensure that the shrimp pasta meal is prepared accordingly. 

Further, you should serve the meal while it is still hot and it should also be enjoyed while still warm for a better and more memorable experience. Moreover, in the recent times, a homemade meal such as homemade shrimp pasta has been considered as a much healthier option, a fun experience, and a money-saving strategy. Works Cited Shirai, Yasuyuki, et al. “Discovering New Creative Mixtures of Cooking Ingredients.” Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Multimedia for Cooking and Eating Activities in conjunction with The 2017 International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. ACM, 2017.

4. Bài mẫu Process Essay Sample 4

Topic: How to make a Good cup of Tea

Making a good cup of tea is exquisitely simple. First, the teapot is heated by filling it with water that has just come to a boil. This water is then discarded, and one teaspoon of loose tea per cup is placed in the teapot (the exact amount may vary according to taste). Fresh water that has just come to a boil is poured into the pot. A good calculation is six ounces of water for each cup of tea. The tea must now steep for three to five minutes; then it is poured through a strainer into a cup or mug. A pound of loose tea will yield about two hundred cups of brewed tea. Using a tea bag eliminates the strainer, but it is still best to make the tea in a teapot so that the water stays sufficiently hot. The typical restaurant service—a cup of hot water with the tea bag on the side—will not produce the best cup of tea because the water is never hot enough when it reaches the table and because the tea should not be dunked in the water; the water should be poured over the tea. Although tea in a pot often becomes too strong, that problem can be dealt with very easily by adding more boiling water. 

5. Bài mẫu Process Essay Sample 5

Topic: Way to waking up easier

Breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend can be easier said than done, but here are five steps that may help the breaking up process. First try to distance yourself by suddenly becoming busier than usual. The next step is to calmly tell the other person that how you are feeling.Then gently let him or her know that you do not want to be together anymore. Then make sure to be sensitive of his or her feelings and answer any questions that he or she may have. For example, if the person starts to cry, use kind words to help comfort him or her. After everything is said and done, take some alone time for your self because everyone has feelings to sort out after a break up. Finally, go out with friends and meet new people. With these five steps it will make the breaking up process smooth for both parties.

6. Bật mí 5 mẹo làm bài cực hay 

Để hoàn thiện tốt, bạn có thể áp dụng một số mẹo làm bài cực hữu hiệu dưới đây:

  • Lựa chọn chủ đề thông minh. Việc lựa chọn chủ đề hay phân tích các yêu cầu của đề bài tốt quyết định 50% sự thành công của bạn. 
  • Tìm hiểu thông tin về các chủ đề, để từ đó chuẩn bị kiến thức tốt nhất giúp bạn dễ dàng hiểu các chủ đề hơn. 
  • Giải thích các bước ngắn gọn, logic. Như vậy, người đọc có thể dễ dàng hiểu quy trình thực hiện. 
  • Cần giải thích các từ ngữ không thông dụng. Hay nói rõ hơn, với các bước lạ, không quá phổ biến, bạn cần giải thích rõ ràng. 
  • Cuối cùng, bạn nên sử dụng các từ nối để phân chia các bước. Như vậy, người đọc sẽ dễ theo dõi và đoạn văn sẽ logic hơn. 

Bài viết trên đây là những thông tin hữu ích về Process Essay cũng như cách thực hiện dạng bài này. Để được giải đáp câu hỏi nhanh nhất, bạn có thể liên hệ với Luận văn Việt qua hotline: 0915 686 999 hoặc địa chỉ email: luanvanviet.group@gmail.com.

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