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Bài descriptive essay là một trong những mẫu luận văn đòi hỏi sự sáng tạo và linh hoạt khi viết bài. Làm nổi bật bài viết và gây ấn tượng mạnh với người đọc, là điều mà bao người viết quan tâm. Trong bài viết này, Luận Văn Việt sẽ chia sẻ cho bạn 12 bài descriptive essay mẫu từ A đến Z hoàn chỉnh nhất. Hãy theo dõi nhé.

2. [FREE] Bài descriptive essay mẫu về PLACE 

Đề tài: A beautiful place

I think we all have a beautiful place in our minds. I had a wonderful place that made me happy many, many, many years ago. But sometimes I think I’m the only one who likes this place and I wonder if this place is as beautiful as I thought when I come back to visit it again. Maybe I made it beautiful in my mind.

This place makes sense to me because it’s part of the county I love, part of the county I grew up in, and part of my childhood. This place is located in a rural area called Appalachian, a small piece of the Appalachian Mountains, in a town called Pikeville.

Pikeville is a town polluted because of the coal industry. People live in apartment buildings or condominiums because there is little space. I grew up in one of the many buildings in Pikeville, admiring the beauty of the mountains from my bedroom window, always exploring with my eyes the woods or grasslands, looking for a place that was clean and quiet. And, I found one on a hill in the back of town. It’s about 100 square feet, has seven old trees, wildflowers, and lots of bugs and ants in the summer.

I usually go there to sit on a rock and see my town and trees. There was a very old tree, a maple, with a huge trunk. The others are smaller, three in the back, three on my left and the old maple tree on my right. There are many flowers in varieties, white, yellow, purple and blue. It’s no one’s place. That hill no one owns, but it is beautiful and peaceful and I have dreamed many times of a white house over there.

I think places like this make sense to people because they are natural and people can be there alone, away from their daily lives.

I often go there to be alone or to dream with my eyes wide open admiring the blue sky or the clouds. I like to go there to lie on the grass, listen to the wind, kiss the flowers and watch the leaves move. It’s hard to go up the hill to get there, but I want to see my seven trees every day, to see how the color of the leaves change and to feel the softness of the grass.

3. [FREE] Bài descriptive essay mẫu về PERSON

Đề tài: Shh! Here comes the Librarian

In the years I’ve known her, I’ve come to have an unusual respect for our high school librarian. In a word, she could be described as “eccentric”, but only because she refuses to accept stereotypes about what the term “library” means. Students thought she was weird, but those who took the time to get to know her realized that she was someone looking for a comfortable identity.

At first glance, she can really be a formidable character. Her hair is most often disheveled simply because she is forced to walk around at tenths of a turn. Not only is her gait a miracle, but her purpose is also a miracle. She always gave the impression that she had a mission, and at that point, she was called to duty. When classes began, she would stride proudly to her room, as if a group of novice missionaries awaited her divine intervention.

However, her dressing habits were nothing like that of a missionary. In fact, students once teased her about getting a summer job as a highway flagger. The more vibrant the colors, the more she is fascinated by their iridescence. As she glided through the library, the students became silent as if struck by lightning. In the morning, her emerald green and hot pink opened the eyes to

the rest of us as she walked through the staff room door.

In particular, her first words are a song “Good morning!” from there people will look up and wait for the next outburst. She has an unscrupulous preference for multi-syllable words – the more syllables the better. She uses them so subtly, they look good on her; and we could only smile and nod and try to make a witty retort. Normally, we wouldn’t be familiar with these words, so she went off to another location with the assurance that she was getting in the way of so many of us.

Although she spoke correctly, as you might expect from someone in her position, her voice was always at the highest volume. A favorite response of the assistant librarian is, “Did you scream, ma’am?” In fact, students can listen to her class in the hallway, or on a clear day, even in the lunchroom.

Likewise, her other ways are not the same as those of a librarian. She gets flustered very easily – not at all as cold and calm as some of her predecessors. One day particularly close to the Christmas holidays, a highly respected physics teacher on staff kissed her on the lips in front of most of her colleagues. She throws a tantrum and makes it clear that another such freedom would be unforgivable. Later that day, some naughty students gained access

Go to the space above the library, drop a rubber chicken into her office, hang a rope decorated with mistletoe. By the end of the day, her patience was severely tested and so it came as no surprise to any of us that she got too excited at the staff party and knocked over the Christmas tree. . What can confuse many others is often succinctly addressed with “The Happy Booker,” a pseudonym she’s not pleased with being given.

As our colorful librarian transitioned to a new lifestyle, chic hairstyle and trendy clothes, we felt cheated when a very agreeable yet ordinary woman took her place. Who will wake us up every morning with the word of the day? Whose voice will echo through the corridors even after the last bell rings? Will she realize that she brought a part of us with her? Most importantly, will she recognize the legacy she left behind?

4. [FREE] Bài mẫu descriptive essay về PLACE 

Đề tài: Neither Here Nor There

My porch. I like to sit on a sunny autumn day, leaning on the swing in front of the frosty porch, listening to the wind rustling on the leaves of the elder trees lining the front yard. The trees take on vibrant reds, oranges and yellows that adorn the landscape and I will watch families of squirrels fight each other tirelessly to collect acorns from the oaks above. neighbor’s meadow across the gravel road. Our house, the first house on the fawn-colored gravel road strewn with white rocks that filled the ground in that area, was called Stone County. From my swing was a 180-degree view of the woods, grasslands and a stretch of highway that ran through a deserted town. Old oak trees stretched across the tarmac and vast golden fields bordered by tattered barbed wire fences lay sullenly on either side of our cobbled road. A neighbor’s house to our east, like a sentinel overlooking their land, was roofed with a bright red roof.

The breeze that passed like a visiting friend brought with it the warmth of the South, but began to change direction when autumn and winter crossed, bringing a bitter cold. The sound of leaves rustling through the trees was the dominant sound, until the herds of grazing passed by. Beige meadow has its tall haystacks cut. The field stretched behind a three-story white picket fence separating it from the withered grass in front of the yard. Sixty cattle heads, a mix of tan, black and my favorites, the black ones with a strip of white paint on their faces, usually go to that area early in the morning and late in the evening. Since it dropped, most have bloated bellies ready to give birth to late-season calves. i will listen

The “girls” tore off the little whips left on the ground, chewing it as if I were standing in the meadow with them. The smell of freshly cut hay hung in the cool air. Swallows chirped and flew over the trees preparing to flee from the nests they built under my porch in early spring and fly south for the coming winter. The sounds radiated out as if God stood like a conductor signaling each element to give off a signal, so that they

The melodious melody echoed through the air perfectly.

My heart is heavy on this gentle evening. Thinking back on how much I despised. Although many years have passed since leaving that farm; I could still sit in the country house I longed for in those days, peering through the thatched windows at the neighboring houses above us, the fenced courtyards and smelling the thick evening air. of land and solitude. This. I think we should stay in the city, as if we were missing something spectacular in the noise and lights.

5. [FREE] Bài mẫu descriptive essay về PLACE

Đề tài: Descriptive Essay on A Place

Everyone has some imaginary place to hide from the troubles and worries of the real world. Some go back to that place before going to bed just to dream about something pleasant and clear their mind from stress. Others visit that place when they meditate – Train their mind by consciously controlling feelings and emotions. I also enjoy meditation and find it extremely helpful for my mental health. One of the exercises that I often do is to go to my imaginary place, where I feel calm, relaxed and at ease, where I can get rid of negative emotions and unpleasant thoughts. I would like to describe this place in detail to you.

I have liked nature since I was a child, so my imaginary place is wild animals located far away from the city and people. It has everything I like – high mountains with snow peaks, green hills, grasslands and woods. It resembles Yosemite National Park, the Swiss Alps and the English countryside at the same time. My imaginary place has a lot of fresh air filled with the smell of wood and flowers. It’s always sunny there so people don’t need to wear coats and hats. There is no one else but me and the wildlife and birds in this perfect place of peace and quiet.

When I come to this place, I take different paths. One day, I liked to climb the hill to get to the cliff from which I could see the whole plane at my feet. The air here is especially fresh and cool, but it’s not cold here because the sun is always shining on me from the deep blue sky. I like this place because I can watch the clouds come and go, but they never bother me because they are small and fluffy like ice cream. I like to imagine that these are my thoughts that I can control when needed, or simply look them over when I want to leave my mind completely free. This place is perfect to visit when I’m feeling stressed and need to get rid of negative emotions and thoughts that bothers me.

Another place I like to go is the riverside with green grass, flowers and big, wide canopy trees, where I can sit and watch the water flowing smoothly. This place is for a long, relaxed meditation. Here, I can walk barefoot on the warm grass, lie on it and watch the sky above, or take a walk along the river. Sometimes, I go to my favorite tree that grows in the nearby meadow. It has many leaves rustling when the breeze hits them, and the sound is extremely relaxing. The tree has a big dark brown trunk with strong roots that I really like

chair. I love watching the shadows on the lawn and listening to the birds singing overhead. I am not alone in this place, for there is also a horse grazing in the meadow. When I need to clear my mind, I ride that horse fast. I love this experience because when I imagine myself as a skilled racer, I feel confident and comfortable.

Finally, there is a place in my imagination that I only visit on special occasions. I like being comfortable and warm, but sometimes, I need to step out of my comfort zone and try something challenging. So I climb high mountains and slow peaks, leaving behind the stillness and peace of sunny forests and grasslands. This place is both spectacular and dangerous. It has steep and steep cliffs, so I have to focus and pay attention. When I to the top of the snow, there was nothing but blue sky, bright sunshine and snow. Being in such a place allows me to remember that challenges are an integral part of my life and that I should embrace them for personal and emotional growth. In short, my imaginary place reflects the diversity of wildlife and my emotional experience. It is a place where a man can live in harmony with nature and where scenery can become an integral part of himself.

6. [FREE] Bài descriptive essay mẫu về BEACH

Đề tài: Subject descriptive essay about the beach

The sea has always been a part of my life, as I was born in a small seaside town. I am one of the lucky few to see it daily and enjoy its extraordinary beauty and power. My parents took me to the beach when I was a kid, and I was immediately struck by its horizon, its colors, and its endless waves. My best childhood memories are associated with the sea, which is not surprising since I spent all my free time there. So the beach is a special place for me, a place where I can be alone with nature and a place where I can spend time with my friends. In a way, it’s one of my best friends who calms me down when I’m sad or stressed and who inspires me with its flawless beauty.

The beach located in my town has changed a lot since my childhood. When I was a kid, it was nothing but sand and pebbles, as well as the long jetty that divided it into two parts, simply called “left” and “right”. Even though these parts are the same beach, they always look different to me. The left side is shorter, but it has a much better view of the coast, which ends in high red cliffs often seen when the air is fresh. Right

The edge is longer and less curved, and has more gravel than the left side. It is also surrounded by water, as the sea on one side and the lake on the other. When I was a child, the sea and the lake were sometimes connected by a small strait that often dried up in the summer. My father used to go fishing on the lake, because it is a peaceful place where one can relax and enjoy nature.

However, the sea always attracts many people, especially in summer. Local residents began building cafes and shops near the pier to attract tourists, and the road leading to the beach was eventually overbuilt with guesthouses, hotels and shops. row. Someone even built a cafe on the pier, turning it into a noisy place with loud music and drunken tourists. However, the beach itself remained intact for quite some time. Authorities have built changing facilities and toilets there, but they haven’t changed much. In a way, the beach is still a great place to spend time, especially if someone takes the trouble to walk away from the pier and all the noise.

However, over the years, the local government has developed a plan to rebuild the place to make it more convenient and attractive for tourists. As a result, several cafes have been built just to the left of the beach. On the right side, a long beach promenade has been built, which requires cutting down some of the old trees that grow there. On both sides of the paved road, many small shops and cafes are built blocking the view of the sea. What’s worse, yes

Now many beach chairs, umbrellas and other things are designed to make the tourist experience more convenient. The left side of the beach has always attracted me because of its unspoiled nature and the space has become overrun with tourists who don’t even realize how wonderful it feels to lie on the hot sand and just listen to the sounds of the ocean. waves and seagulls.

I miss the days when I could go to the beach to connect with nature. I often walk along the coast in search of the beautiful seashells brought by the waves. I can feel spaces and freedoms that cannot be found in towns, and they are a constant source of inspiration for me. It is sad to think that people prefer comfort over the wilderness, noise over the calm and serenity of the sea, and “civilization” over unspoiled nature. I will always cherish the memory of the beach I used to love – the perfect place for me to be free.

7. [FREE] Bài descriptive essay mẫu về MY PET

Đề tài: Descriptive Essay on My Pet

I love animals. I think our lives would be incomplete without our pets. I also have one. My pet is a dog named Tipsy. Tipsy is an adorable brown dog with a few black spots spread across the body and tail. Tipsy is a kelp crossed with a border collie, and it has velvety soft ears. Despite having a very muscular body, Tipsy has a very gentle face and is always a friendly dog with people he knows. However, if a stranger approaches the house, Tipsy can become very aggressive. He always barked loudly to draw our attention to approaching strangers. There is one thing that I especially like about having this pet – I know that my little friend will always be there to protect me and my family. So, in a way, Tipsy makes me feel protected.

Tipsy loves many things. Among them was rubbing my wet nose into my hands and into the hands of my parents, siblings. He craves attention most of the time because he is afraid of being abandoned or ignored. I actually met Tipsy when he was still a puppy. Looks like his owner abandoned him on the road. I found him wandering in our neighborhood. I informed my parents about the puppy. I want to keep him. They contacted the local authorities so they could allow us to adopt a pet.

Tipsy loves food, especially bones. After feeding it regular food, we always give it some bones to chew on. Tipsy can literally spend an afternoon chewing on bones because he loves them so much. Whenever Tipsy was worried, he looked at us with desperate eyes as if he was sad. He does so while wagging his tail from side to side. Whenever we see it exhibit these symptoms, we immediately prepare a quick and low-bone meal for it to eat.

Tipsy also has a habit of playing with our cat Toppy. Sometimes, Tipsy played with and poured water for the cat, which always caused the cat to glare at him maliciously. Sometimes, the cat even meows as if to let Tipsy know that he is not very impressed with Tipsy spilling his water. Whenever my dog plays with the cat’s water, I see him raise his head when some of the cat’s water comes out of his tongue, the same way water from a waterfall falls.

Tipsy also liked the chirping of birds in the trees on our property. Whenever Tipsy hears these sounds, he will prick up his ears and point them in the direction of the chirping sound. One can always observe how his eyes light up with excitement every time the birds start making their soft noises.

Believe it or not, Tipsy really helped me stay in shape. As you know, all dog breeds need a daily walk so that they are not only happy but also healthy. That’s how it works for us! But the reality is that I often become too lazy, and I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way. If it’s like you, the best thing is to get a dog. You will have a loyal friend, like I have Tipsy, and it will pull you out of the house and make you walk, run, move around the neighborhood every day. As you can see, owning a dog can be the best fitness trainer you can imagine.

Without a doubt, taking care of a dog is a huge responsibility. However, when you factor in all the perks of owning a dog, you’ll realize that even chewing on your favorite shoes or destroying your new sofa is nothing compared to that. countless positive emotions that pets bring to your home.

8. [FREE] Bài descriptive essay mẫu về IDEAL JOB

Đề tài: My ideal job recording

Most people can gain knowledge because they hope to get their ideal job. For me, I know it’s an important reason to learn knowledge.

For my future work environment, I want to work in marketing. By identifying marketing requirements and developing suitable products to meet those requirements, marketing becomes more and it is available through advertising to reach globally. I expect the company is located in the Central Business District and the company has about a hundred employees.

Other than that, I think a private secretary would be a good fit for my job and for the long haul. As my personal secretary, I should discuss the marketing director’s instructions and response to his business letters, keep a variety of company records and files, especially the director. marketing manager and some resumes and records, and a few minutes of his presence… Of course, without a salary, I hope to make some profit.

For example, benefits for insurance coverage including holidays and days off, employee assistance programs, social work, spouse, domestic help and competitive health care, medical, dental , eyesight, life, etc. Without the basic knowledge of the job, I have to realize some expertise in marketing knowledge, computer skills, communication skills, and study abroad experience.

In short, because I know how to speak and work carefully, and I am very good at paperwork and day-to-day work, I think in the future I can be suitable for the position of private secretary.

9. [FREE] Bài descriptive essay mẫu về CONCERT

Đề tài: A concert of my favorite band

Concert of my favorite band, Coldplay. Hearing and seeing my favorite singers on that cold night was amazing because I never saw them. I remember going to the MMRDA Grounds in Mumbai at 6 o’clock. The queue to get into the concert was longer than I thought. As we were walking closer to the access area, I could hear people talking about their likes and dislikes regarding popular and controversial rock bands. At that time, the weather was nice. It is neither warm nor cold; it’s perfect for a concert night with friends. On the street, some people sell black T-shirts, big posters and some snacks that smell delicious and look good in the eyes of people. After that, we started to get closer to the concert stage.

People started screaming every time they heard any sound of different musical instruments from backstage. From time to time, the VIP area was filled with people. People started shoving each other and the concert started. The music is extremely loud. I could hear everyone’s screams as they sang in unison. As it got dark, from the stage, green, yellow, and red fluorescent lights began to illuminate us. After all, great singers and bands played; people started jostling each other to get out of that big place.

The night is cold and dark. The lampposts around the boulevard let us see the small but attractive food carts. Smells great; I bought a cold soda can. My friend bought some fries and she shared them with me. Then we saw my dad’s blue car coming to pick us up. This was one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences of my life. I still remember the sounds; the view and smell of the food made me want to go back in time to relive that occasion.

10. [FREE] Bài descriptive essay mẫu về FOOD

Đề tài: The food in school canteen

The school cafeteria is a cozy place that serves food to students every day. It has several desks and chairs for the students to sit on, and with that comes a metal locker where you can safely put your books. The walls of the canteen are lined with posters of various events taking place on campus, but there’s nothing more exciting than having delicious food served on your plate! My favorite food there is the burger with lettuce, tomato and cheese spread all over! Although they are called burgers, they are not made entirely of meat; they also have some vegetables which i love! But my favorite is the burger with ketchup, mayonnaise and lettuce. It was one of the best I will have at school!

Sometimes there are festivals like Holi held on campus, we also get some very good food there. When this festival comes, everyone loves to play with colors and our teacher allows us to do the same because it’s fun. To celebrate Holi, many people prepare special dishes for us, spicy but also very healthy! We love having jalebi on this day; it’s sweet though salty but at the same time hot making its taste irresistible! After playing till late afternoon, we are also tired and hungry so sometimes we also order food from outside, especially Chinese food! We love to eat it because we feel it has a different and exotic taste.

Then there are times during the conference when everyone wants to listen attentively to what is being taught in class but ends up being distracted by hunger! In such situations, food always comes to our rescue as this gives us the energy we need for the coming week. There are many other items on the menu that I can choose from; They all sound very interesting, and I’m confused where should I start? And then coming home with a full, relaxed and happy stomach made me feel at peace with myself. This feeling that I have always wanted to have is the feeling that truly defines “happiness”. The cafeteria gives me the opportunity to listen to my favorite music without distractions and also read my books of choice, so it has always been considered one of my favorite places at school.

Then there’s another item on their menu that sounds really interesting to me: Manchurian Chicken! It’s also delicious and goes well with fried rice! Both of these dishes are famous here but sometimes I don’t have enough time so one dish is replaced by another because I can’t keep the guests waiting for long. Meals served at breakfast are usually light meals; they consist mainly of paratha, puri sabji, chivda and masala dosa. All of these things sound delicious, especially when we think about eating them after waking up from a good night’s sleep. But sometimes my friends and I want to have some different items on the menu; when we are in our teens, these things become very important for us so that we can try new hobbies!

I also like to eat eggs, but they tend to stay covered during school time; once it’s over, you’ll find them served with ketchup or chutney. School canteens serve mostly food at a low cost as education is taken care of by the government and hence such facilities should also be provided free of charge in schools. So these meals are really subsidized for students to make their childhood better than it is now! Setting meal times helps students learn more effectively because they are not distracted by hunger during class.

11. [FREE] Bài descriptive essay mẫu về ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES

Đề tài: Bungee Jumping

Last year, I went to a secret place in Australia called “Dolphin Valley”. There I found the perfect thing to do, bungee jumping!!! I had never done it before this trip and found it to be a sensational experience that I would like to do again in the future.

The bungee area is located on a bridge surrounded by giant trees,

Big rocks and sand dunes everywhere. On the way to the bridge I was a little nervous. When I got there, I was so scared that my knees were about to give up on me. Then the owner came out and asked how old I am and if I have any previous experience. He weighed me and measured my height. Finally, he gave me the seal of approval to

perform the jump. Boy is I scared! Next, he strapped giant dumbbells to my ankles, like medium-sized bowling balls. Then he attached a long bungee cord to the weights. Last but not least, I had to wear a bright yellow helmet to protect my head.

Now it’s time for the real jump. The owner told me to dance when he said “Go!!” He also gave me some helpful advice about not looking down. As soon as he said that, I looked down and what I saw was a large river and sharp jagged rocks. I closed my eyes and when I opened them the owner started counting, “One… two… three… GO!” I jumped down and my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. Finally, I opened my eyes and everything turned upside down. I bounced once or twice and that was it. I felt a rush of excitement run through my entire body, this continued until I was back on firm ground.

As soon as I got back to the bridge, I knew I made it. It was the best feeling I have ever experienced. To this day, it remains an important experience in my life and one that I would highly recommend to others who, like me, are adventurous.

12. [FREE] Bài descriptive essay mẫu về TEENAGER

Đề tài: My teenager

In today’s world, being a teenager is not easy. There are different challenges we face, the decisions we have to make and the choices we have to make. The people and environment around us greatly influence the way we think and act as teenagers. Being a teenager is tough but at the same time it’s fun. We are faced with new experiences every day. At this point in my life, I don’t feel like a kid anymore, but I’m not really an adult yet either.

As a teenager, I had a lot of problems, both small and large, that I had to deal with on a daily basis. First, my body is changing as I grow and age. It can be frustrating at times as it is something new to me. There have been cases where I felt self-conscious because of these body changes. I can’t help but compare myself to the looks of other teenagers. I believe it is during this period of life that a person feels most insecure about his appearance. Sometimes I don’t feel satisfied with my body weight or the look of my face. At this stage of my life, I am more conscious than ever about my appearance. Teenagers are creating a big problem about how they dress. For me, it is very important to look good when I go out. I choose my clothes more carefully and make sure my clothes fit me well. When I was a kid, my parents almost always gave me what I asked for from them. However, as a teenager, they expected me to be wiser when it came to money. I cannot simply ask them to get me whatever I want because I now realize that making money is not easy. Teenagers like me spend most of their time studying or hanging out with friends. For a teenager, the company of friends is sometimes more precious than family. Peer pressure was at its peak when I was a teenager. A lot of my friends like sports, parties or are in a relationship (boyfriend or girlfriend).

Bad habits like drinking, smoking and even drug use are common among teenagers. That’s why I believe it’s important to surround yourself with the types of people you want to emulate. There are still teenagers who choose the right lifestyle. I sincerely believe that a person can have a good time without drugs and tobacco. It’s hard to be a teenager. No more playing carefree. People expect me to be more mature in everything, but at the same time I can’t be completely independent because adults, especially parents and teachers, think differently. It is a contradictory situation. I think I have the ability to decide and do things on my own, but the adults think that I still have a lot to learn from them. It is also during this period that people begin to question the things that were taught to them as children. Teenagers are adventurers in many ways. They are open to lots of new ideas and full of imagination.

Being a teenager these days can be quite frustrating. Relationships with different people can become complicated. We make a lot of mistakes as teenagers but these will help us to mature and improve as we get older. After all, like many others, a teenager like me just needs acceptance, love and support from those around me to get through.

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